September News

Spring is upon us! Exercising outdoors has masses of benefits and now is the perfect time to start. I still want to schedule an outdoor ‘Fun in the Park’ challenge for some time this month and I hope that most of you will come along. It will be for all levels. Own body weight exercises, cardio and loads of fun. All you will need is a smile, sunblock and water.

Please ‘like’ and follow my Smart Health Bodywork Facebook page and invite your friends to do the same. I post nutritional tips, recipes, exercises and general points of interest. If you go into my website you can then click on the FB icon and it will take you to the page. Alternately you will find it at I pretty much totally rely on word of mouth to promote my practice, so your support is of huge value.

I am doing some further training in Rebalancing this month. I am brushing up on my skills so as to bring you a more profound experience. For those of you who keep up with your massaging on a regular basis, well done! The effects and results of Rebalancing are hugely magnified with frequency.

I am organising a talk in conjunction with Madelaine Van Rooyen. Madelaine is a life/spiritual coach and Doctor of Metaphysical Science. We will be talking about ENERGY and how best to harness it using your mind, exercise, nutrition and Bodywork. I am very excited about this and it is going to be very informative. I will keep you posted on dates and I hope that most of you will be able to attend. It just may open up your eyes to the vast potential that exists in all of us.

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