Own Body Weight Exercises – Use your body as a barbell.

Did you know that if you do a push up you are lifting 64 % of your body weight. So for me that translates to about 37 kg’s. Wow, that is a lot of weight. Can you see how doing own body weight training will build incredible strength?

Reasons why you should be adding these exercises to your routine.

  • They are easy
  • Safe to do
  • You can do them anywhere. No expensive gym membership necessary
  • Build functional strength in the whole body
  • Give you tone and definition
  • There are so many variations of the exercises that you will never get bored
  • Fires up your metabolism
  • Burns fat
  • It is challenging
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve your balance (vital as we age).
  • You can be any level of fitness.
  • They are fun

These workouts are so versatile that by adding a few components you can have a powerhouse workout

Enhance your workout

  1. Add plyometrics – These are fast explosive movements. Such as zigzagging between cones. . Skipping, bounding, hoping, tuck jumps, split jumps and many more
  2. Interval training – Burst of resistance exercises with cardio inbetween and recovery. (Hiit)
  3. Get into the pool to add a whole new dimension as well as resistance from the water.
  4. Use a TRX – Total Body Resistance Exerciser
  5. Train with a friend and use their body as resistance (pushing and pulling)


Quick Programme

30 jumping jacks

10 squats

10 lunges – each leg

5 jump squats

10 standing calf raises

30 jump rope

10 side lunges  – each side

10 side to side jumps

20 jumping jacks

15 dynamic side planks – each side

10 push ups

10 tricep dips

50 jumping jacks

Give it a try and have fun.

Coming up this week.

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