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Bears hibernate in winter. Do you? It has been so cold that I have been very tempted to rather have an extra half hour or hour lie in. I have instead got up, dressed warmly and gone for a run, bike ride or gym session and I must tell you that I feel so much better for it. The flow of endorphins, the feeling of accomplishment and pride in myself and the knowledge that I am honouring my body by keeping healthy and fit is so much more important. Besides don’t we only truly feel alive when we get out of our comfort zones from time to time? Well done to those of you who have now embarked on training programmes, complimentary to your massage therapy.

Some of you have never trained before and some of you have decided to make lifestyle changes. To all of you, I applaud you. I tailor make your training programme for you so whether you have access to a gym or not, have never trained before, have health restrictions or just want to have a bit of fun, there is a plan for you. I will do an assessment then will draw up a programme for you which will be for either two weeks or a month. We then go through the programme and you do it at your own pace in your own time. We will then meet up to re assess and upgrade the programme every two weeks or month. Give it a try!


Don’t forget to keep up with your massage therapy on a weekly or two week basis. To those of you who come regularly, I am sure you will agree that the results you are seeing or rather feeling are well worth the effort. Besides, I am sure you enjoy it and other than the physical benefits, mentally and emotionally it is a great leveller.


I am keen to start a ‘Fun in the Park’ outdoor training session on Saturday mornings. Weather permitting. It will be own body weight, strength exercises, cardio and lots of fun. It will cater for all levels of fitness and trust me, without realising it, you will get a really good workout. Please let me know if something like this would interest you and then we can get going on it!

So August is Women’s month. Refer your best friend, wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, any woman of importance to you, for a massage this month and you can both have a half price massage. And GOOO……


Did you know that massage therapy is not only for ‘big’ people? ‘Little’ people can also benefit. It helps with ADHD, it improves concentration, helps with relaxation especially around exam times and has a myriad of other benefits. I rely on word of mouth to grow my business, so please keep this in mind. Thanks to all of those who do refer people to me. I do appreciate it.

I am here for your health and wellness so please do not hesitate to discuss anything of concern with me. I will do my best to help or if I feel that it is out of my realm of expertise, I will refer you to a like-minded professional. Your body is a temple, treat it as such!

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