Love Yourself – A Guide to Self-Acceptance

Feel comfortable in your skin with a no-nonsense approach to your health and wellness.

We get bombarded with images on media about how we should look. As young people we are led to believe in accepted norms.

Fashionable diets get bandied about as cure alls and quick fixes that will give us irresistible bodies.

Gym bunnies in their skin-tight gear and bulging muscles, lead us to believe that it is all so easy.

And we are told that all we need is love.


We are all multi-faceted individuals and there is definitely no One Size Fits All. There is also no quick fix.

We want an approach that is manageable and sustainable. It also has to be easy and fun. To what end would you want to punish yourself with excessive exercise, starvation and uncomfortable soul searching?

Just as no exercise is bad for you, so too is over exercising.

Low body fat composition is just as unhealthy as being overweight.

Awareness of our souls should be positive and empowering.

So how do you reach a balance and be healthSMART…ish?

healthSMART…ish – Someone who wants to eat clean, train dirty and have that hamburger, chips and beer/wine to stay sane.


Opt for a healthy eating plan that is manageable and flexible. Diets are not sustainable for long periods of time and invariably when you stop, you will once again put on weight.

  • Control your portion sizes. Reduce your overall calorie input.
  • Eat quality wholesome foods. Include as many different colours and textures as possible. ‘More colour, more snap.’
  • Stick to your eating plan 80% of the time. Have a cheat day, just remember potion size.
  • Have the odd indulgence so that you are not tempted to binge.

You will discover that if you stick to the above, your body will quickly adapt and settle at a comfortable weight that will be sustainable. Remember to have realistic expectations as to what you think you should look like. Listen to your body, it will tell you when it is happy.


Not everyone enjoys going to gym or running and cycling. Again find what it is that you really enjoy doing and your body will thank you. There are masses of activities to choose from.

  • As long as your heart rate is raised, you will be burning calories.
  • Add variety so that you stay interested and motivated.
  • Aim to do something active at least every second day.
  • Choose something age appropriate and take into consideration any health issues that you may have.

Keep in mind that as you age, you need to possibly change and adapt your exercise. From the age of forty up, you need to start to challenge your musculoskeletal system so that it stays strong. The best way to do this is with resistance work. Next week I will chat to you more about this.


It is imperative that we take care of our mind and heart. People often neglect this area as it can be difficult to confront. It is simpler to slog away at the gym. As Plato said –

Mind and body exist in union and cannot be separated. One should avoid either exercising mind or body without the other and so preserve an equal and healthy balance between the two.”

In order to function optimally we need to address ourselves as an entire entity. If we neglect one part, the other parts will soon fall to pieces.

Think of – meditation and life coaching. How about yoga, that will not only give you a decent workout but can also be spiritual. Treat yourself to a massage!

The best investment you will ever make is in yourself, so try not to fall short. The results will be prodigious.

Be realistic and practical. Don’t have unrealistic ideas of what you should be doing, how you should look and how you should be feeling. I have cellulite, many scars, freckles, grey hair and as much as I try and build up my calves, they remain small and puny. I love it all because it is ME!

Don’t let numbers define you. Your age, your weight, your dress size!

Life can be very challenging at times and acceptance is key to feeling content with ourselves at whatever stage we are at.

Be happy. Life is too short to be anything else!

Tomorrow look out for Recipe Corner and Cauliflower Toasties. You don’t want to miss this recipe.

I apologise for not posting in My Cultured Kitchen last week but I was submerged in all things frothy. So later in the week be sure to catch, ‘It’s all about the Fizz – Probiotic Sodas’

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