Lifestyle Workshops

In order to embark on a healthy lifestyle and in keeping with my ethos that we need to address ourselves in totality, that is body, mind and heart, we need to have a plan that addresses all of these elements which are inextricably connected.

Exercise will make you feel good about yourself as you become fit and functionally strong. Endorphins, serotonin and a myriad of other chemicals are released into your body through exercise. All of which will boost feelings of euphoria and the spin offs thereof. A sustainable healthy eating plan will mean that you will be better equipped to function better, both physically and mentally and will boost your health. Again this will increase your feelings of goodwill. A rebalancing massage works on the premise that our emotions are stored in the deep tissue of our bodies. If you release the deep tissue, you release emotions. This may then lead you to self-enquiry and observations that will help you to make positive lifestyle changes. Not to mention the physical benefits of regular massage therapy.

All of the above will give you a solid foundation to exploit the strength and courage that is often needed to make positive lifestyle changes, that will benefit not only you but your nearest and dearest as well. It could be the start of your very own incredible journey!

healthSMART…ish Workshops

healthSMART…ish.  Someone who wants to eat clean, train dirty and have that hamburger, chips and beer/wine to stay sane.

Cultured and Fermented Foods Workshops.

See my website to understand the importance of introducing these foods into your daily eating plan.


Corporate Wellness Programmes

Specifically tailored to meet your company’s needs.


Please contact me to chat about any of the above. Prices are subject to the plan that we come up with that will fit in best with your goals or requirements.