Interesting Facts about Exercise (or the lack thereof)

  1. You will look good, feel good, your clothes will fit better and you will be stronger.
  2. A regular workout can lower your blood pressure sometimes by the same amount that medication can do. The blood pressure levels of people with more muscle mass will return to normal much quicker after exercise.
  3. Walking or cycling for an hour a day can reduce your cancer risk by 16%
  4. 10 Minutes of resistance work, 3 x a week will boost bone strength and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  5. 20 to 60 Minutes of moderate exercise 3 x a week can prevent Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Gastro Intestinal Complaints
  6. If you are overweight, losing 5 to 7% of your body weight can reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and ensure that your pancreas works efficiently.
  7. Activity cuts your risk of cognitive decline by about a third. Cognitive function, longer attention span, better short term and long term memory and improved verbal skills can all be improved after 6 months of weight and resistance training.
  8. People who exercise have fewer symptoms of depression.
  9. A third of Breast Cancer cases can be avoided through regular exercise and a better diet.
  10. Exercise can perk up your sex life.
  11. 25% of overweight people suffer from migraines.
  12. You lose more weight doing weight training and resistance work than cardio.
  13. During aerobic or cardio workouts you can lose muscle as well as fat.
  14. One kilogram of fat takes up 18% more space than one kilogram of muscle.
  15. Between the ages of 30 and 50 you can lose 10% of your body’s total muscle and if you do not exercise this can be replaced with fat.
  16. Exercise raises your metabolism which means you burn more calories during exercise. Weight and resistance training can raise your metabolism for up to 39 hours after exercise.
  17. If you exercise you will be motivated to stick to a healthy eating plan.
  18. Exercise helps you to handle stress better. Cortisol, adrenaline and other stress hormones which are bad for you in excess are produced in abundance when you are stressed and exercise can help to regulate this.
  19. Exercise improves your overall mood and reduces anger levels.
  20. If you exercise you will be 15% more productive at work.
  21. Exercise can reduce the risk of a stroke by as much as 40% and heart attack by 15%.
  22. As the risk of cardio vascular disease and cancer are reduced through exercise you could live longer.
  23. Too much cortisol (from stress) will result in the brain sending too much blood to muscles which can result in muscle tension, pain and stiffness. It also takes blood away from the intestines causing stomach upsets. Too many stress hormones can also compromise your immune system and you can become vulnerable to infections. Exercise can help to counteract all of these symptoms.
  24. Working out prompts your brain to release uplifting endorphins and can also boost your oxytocin levels especially if you train with a friend. ALL of these hormones make you feel good and give you a natural high and feeling of euphoria.
  25. Healthy fat can protect you from developing high blood pressure, heart disease and Diabetes type 2 so you must maintain a certain percentage of fat. It also cushions us against impact and provides insulation.
  26. A 60kg women would have to walk 73km to burn off 450g of fat. Regular exercise is therefore necessary to maintain a healthy weight and input (food) should equate to output (exercise).
  27. An average person has 30 to 40 billion fat cells, an overweight person may have 100 billion fat cells. Exercise and healthy eating will ensure that these fat cells stay ‘empty’ and do not fill up and expand. Fat cells are never lost but they can change in size.
  28. Exercise can reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  29. Colds and flu can be reduced by 23% through exercise and recovery from illness and surgery will be easier and quicker. However ensure that you do not train when ill and wait at least 2 weeks after a cold or flu to get back to exercise. Do not train when taking anti biotics as it could damage your heart.
  30. Exercise promotes healthy pregnancy.
  31. Women must maintain over 18% body fat in order to have a healthy reproduction system.
  32. Because of increased blood flow from exercise it may reduce the occurrence of impotence and erectile dysfunction.
  33. Exercise improves muscular strength, joint function and structure and can also assist with arthritis management.
  34. Muscular strength and flexibility achieved through exercise can help reduce back pain.
  35. Exercise can enhance sleep.
  36. Exercise improves balance, coordination, flexibility and posture.
  37. Exercise enhances feedback through the nervous system.
  38. Exercises improves the energy storing capabilities of the body.
  39. The increased blood flow from exercise ensures that all cells in the body receive adequate oxygen and nutrients and it also speeds up the removal of waste products from the cells.
  40. Exercise can lower your resting heart rate which means that your heart does not have to work as hard and will therefore be healthier.
  41. Exercise can increase and sustain your maximum heart rate thereby ensuring that you can train longer and harder.
  42. Exercise can reduce cholesterol.
  43. Exercise can be social and help you meet like-minded people.
  44. Fitness opens the doors to you to participate in a myriad of activities from hiking to mountain biking, swimming to dancing!
  45. Exercise can be done anywhere and at any time and you can derive health benefits from just 30 minutes a day which can also be broken up into separate sessions.
  46. Your body will age 12 years if you smoke, drink too much, eat poorly and don’t exercise during your twenties and thirties.
  47. A healthy weight may reduce the symptoms of PMS. Overweight and obese women have 66% chance of suffering from PMS as people with a high body fat percentage have less progesterone which trigger the brain chemicals making one short tempered and crave chocolate.


NOTE     Like everything in life, exercise should be in moderation.

                If you have a health concern please get clearance to exercise from your doctor first.

                Be sensible and listen to your body – over exercise can have dire consequences.

                Keep exercise fun and enjoyable so that you can sustain it.


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