Healthy Eating from Your Garden

We should all know what we are eating, how it was produced and what impact it has on our health.

The best way to achieve this? Grow your own fruit, veggies and herbs.

You really don’t need a lot of space.

Get creative

Vertical veggie gardens

Pots of herbs in your kitchen

Pots or veggie planters on your balcony

Plant amongst your flowers

Replace your lawn

Hydro and Aquaponics


Keep it fun and make it a family affair.

Make compost from your kitchen and garden waste

A constant supply of fresh goodies

Lasts much longer than store bought so you have less wastage

Satisfaction at growing and eating your own produce

After initial start-up, it becomes cost effective

Set up a neighbourhood exchange and sharing programme.

Freeze herbs

Make sauces such as tomato, onion and green pepper and freeze

Simple Garden Salad

I tossed together this salad the other day with my garden treasures

A Variety of salad leaves                                  




Sugar snap peas


Sprouts from my sprouter which I keep in my kitchen.


I was making Jun which I inadvertently over fermented and ended up with rather yummy and healthy vinegar. I added a bit of garlic and ginger, sadly not from my garden. Have never had much luck growing either. Wrong soil and climate! A splash of olive oil – no I don’t press or grow olives but wish that I could.

I topped off the salad with crumbles of feta, which yes, I did make myself.

If I wanted to make the salad more substantial, then the world really is my oyster. Add caramelised butternut or sweet potato. Sautéed potatoes. Egg (no I don’t produce my own – yet).

If you are lucky enough to have nuts such as pecan or almonds in your garden, add a handful, either roasted or plain.

You can even add some thin slivers of fruit if you have available.

Now I have a complete meal with protein, carbs and fat and a full complement of vitamins and minerals! Best of all, most of it comes from my garden or hand made in my kitchen!


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