What are your goals? Weight loss/gain, fitness, strength, maintenance, enjoyment, fun, social or health? Once you have set a goal or intention then you can eat and exercise accordingly.


Programmes will be closely monitored in order to evaluate progress. An initial assessment will be carried out which will include, taking and monitoring your blood pressure if necessary, working out your Target Heart Rate, Ideal Body Mass, Body Adiposity Index, measuring your muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and cardio fitness. Assessments will be repeated every 8 weeks. Programmes will be varied to avoid a plateau.


In order for you to stay motivated and enthusiastic your training programme has to be achievable yet challenging. Varied and enjoyable. If it becomes a slog, unmanageable or unenjoyable, you are not going to reach your goals. You are going to become bored and disillusioned, which leads us to the next point of being realistic.


Your programme will be designed taking into account your age, gender, goals, previous injuries or illness. For me this is the most important point. Unrealistic goals will never be achieved and you will end up giving up completely or injuring yourself.

Time Framed

Set a realistic time frame to achieve your goal. This makes it more fun and challenging.

My Conditioning includes

  • High Intensity
  • Interval or circuit training
  • Functional compound strength work
  • Cardio

You will get a full body workout which will improve your fitness, tone, shape and strength. I prefer to train outdoors and make use of own body weight exercises or props that are available. Progression will include free weights and the use of equipment such as a bosu, balls, steps, resistance bands etc.

This will be part of an overall Lifestyle Programme which includes Nutrition and Rebalancing Massage.


Please contact me to chat about any of the above. Prices are subject to the plan that we come up with that will fit in best with your goals or requirements.