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Feminine Manoeuvre

Feminine Manoeuvre Picnic

It’s time for a picnic! Let’s have some fun at our last talk till next year. Bring along your basket of scrumptious eats and refreshing drinks. There is however, a catch! Your eats and drinks must be what you consider to be healthy and wholesome. My favourite indulgence is glorious food and it can be […]

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Gut Health and Chronic Stress

Gut health is paramount to our overall mental and physical health. Stress can cause havoc in our gut. Those ‘gut feelings’ could be indicators that something is wrong that needs to be addressed. One of the most common places that stress affects us is in our gut. Prolonged and untreated stress can eventually lead to […]

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Alkaline Eating Plan to Optimize your Health

Most diseases, such as cancer, thrive in an acidic body. It is imperative to maintain a ‘slightly’ alkaline environment in our body to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are the ins and outs. What does it mean to be Alkaline? As humans, a normal pH of all tissues and fluids of the body (except the stomach) should be slightly alkaline. […]

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Healthy Eating Plan

All diets, as far as I am concerned are fads and bad for you. We should be adopting a healthy sustainable eating plan that is easy to maintain and follow. It should be a lifestyle. It really is that simple and this is how. There is a lot of science and research behind food and […]

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