Are you healthSMART ish?

Are you healthSMART ish? Do you want to be healthSMART ish? What is healthSMART ish?

HealthSMART ish – Someone who wants to eat clean, train dirty and have that hamburger, chips and beer/wine to stay sane.


Before I convince you that to be a healthSMART ish is the way to go, here is a bit about me:

I have always been relatively active. I competed in athletics at school, played hockey and was a competitive horse rider. I had a horse riding accident (one of many) in my early twenties in which I cracked vertebrae in my back and have subsequently had to have 10 knee surgeries (in the same knee) over the past 20 or so years. The one thing that keeps me pain free and my body functioning optimally is keeping fit and strong. I do a lot of resistance and weight work. I also got really ill a few years back and struggled for 4 years to maintain any semblance of life. Despite being so incapacitated that on some days I could not get out of bed, the one thing that I endeavoured to do when I had the energy, was to walk. As I began recovering, I started swimming as I felt it was the most therapeutic. I have continued swimming, as I reckon that one day when I can no longer run or ride a bike, I will always be able to swim. One of the reasons for my illness was a very stressful lifestyle and toxic relationship. Through this I learnt the importance of making healthy lifestyle decisions and I built up the courage to make the necessary changes. I decided 2 years ago, that I wanted to do trail running. My knee surgeon was horrified but I started off slowly and made sure that I was muscularly strong. It turns out that you also have to be incredibly mentally strong. I ran a half marathon this year. My friends are always amazed as to how much I eat and how I maintain a healthy weight. It’s all about the quality of what I eat. I do love my chocolate and potato crisps, but not all the time. I am a fair weather exerciser and am not fanatical at all. I run, MTB, swim, kayak and gym. I am fifty years old and have never been fitter or stronger. Balance is key!Jeanne-Rae

Plato said “Mind and body exist in union and cannot be separated. One should avoid either exercising mind or body without the other and so preserve an equal and healthy balance between the two.”

I believe that through my life experiences, knowledge and my observations of my clients and peers over the years that I am equipped to assist you with your journey to health and wellness!

Balance and moderation in life is key. Being equally fanatical or lackadaisical has its drawbacks. Unless you are in training for some or other sporting event it really is not necessary to drive yourself too hard. Over training just as being a couch potato can have dire health consequences. Likewise, continual dieting and being underweight can compromise your health as much as being overweight can.

In my opinion life is complicated and stressful enough without adding your health and wellness to it. Of course a stressful lifestyle can lead to health issues but that is a completely different subject and one I will get to another time. The minute something becomes too difficult to sustain, it is no longer enjoyable or good for us. But how do we reach that balance of being a healthy weight and relatively fit but also still enjoying indulgent food, treats and leisure time without feeling guilty. By being –

S   Specific   What are your goals? Weight loss/gain, fitness, strength, maintenance, enjoyment, fun, social or           health? Once you have set a goal or intention then you can eat and exercise accordingly.

M  Measurable   Monitor yourself so that you know whether you are achieving your goals as set out above. If you are not, then you need to change your approach.

A  Achievable   If it becomes a slog, unmanageable or unenjoyable, you are not going to reach your goals. You are going to become bored and disillusioned, which leads us to the next point of being realistic.

R  Realistic   For me this is the most important point. Unrealistic goals will never be achieved and you will end up     giving up completely or injuring yourself. If you are 6ft tall, you are never or should never weigh 60kg’s. If you have physical challenges or chronic injuries, then perhaps you should not be looking to run The Comrades. If you are 55 years old and have never run before but now want to, then start off slowly and build up your base strength and muscle before embarking on your first run.

T  Time Framed   Set a realistic time frame to achieve your goal. This makes it more fun and challenging.

Set goals to achieve outcomes that are realistic and easily sustained. Measure your results and continually assess them.

Let me show you how to reach “The Balance” and become a fully fledged HealthSMART ish!

Catch my next blog on realistic and achievable eating guidelines!

If you find value in reading my blog, let me know! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about topics that you would like covered. Feel free to email me



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