About Me


It is a Lifestyle!

Despite any obstacles that you may be facing, you to can attain good health, both physically and mentally.

I had always been very active but after numerous horse riding accidents resulting in cracked vertebrae, ribs and 10 knee operations, I was left in constant pain.

Four years of a debilitating virus completely compromised my health and indeed my entire lifestyle.

I had to take stock of how I was going to choose to move forward. Either I had to accept what the doctors told me, which was to pretty much become a couch potato. OR, I could take control of my life and once again become the active and vibrant person that I had always been and wanted to be. The choice was a no brainer.

  • I studied exercise science so that I could build up functional strength and fitness.
  • I learnt about nutrition so that I could boost my immune system and health from the inside.
  • Lastly, I learnt about anatomy and physiology through massage therapy. The importance of touch and how our emotions are stored in the deep tissue of our bodies.

I turned my life around, I run, cycle, swim, kayak and do regular strength training. I manage my stress and feed my mind and soul. I have even become quite the nutritious foodie, focusing on wholesome produce from my garden. I am over 50 and have never been healthier, fitter or stronger.

From my own experiences and acquired knowledge, it was then a natural progression for me to take it upon myself to educate and help others. My special interest is how psychosomatic conditions manifest as physical pain and ailments. How the body should be viewed in totality and as Plato so succinctly stated –

Mind and body exist in union and cannot be separated. One should avoid either exercising mind or body without the other and so preserve an equal and healthy balance between the two.”

The success I have achieved with my clients stands testament to my commitment to give you the tools to enhance your life! I am not fanatical or obsessive and believe that everything should be in moderation. Most importantly living a healthy life should become a lifestyle and not a part time pursuit. To this end it has to be SMART. Oh, lets also not forget FUN!