If you follow me on my Smart Health Bodywork Facebook page, you will see that I have recently been chatting a fair bit about stress and anxiety. How to manage it. How it manifests in physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering. How to treat it with exercise, a good diet and rebalancing massage. However I really do have bit of a problem with all of this as it is treating the symptoms and educating you how best to cope with it but it is not eradicating or treating the cause. This ultimately is what we should be doing.


I have been very vociferous about the fact that doctors treat they don’t cure. If they cured us, they would go out of business. So they prescribe treatments which then have side effects which they then have to prescribe additional medication for and so the circle continues. An ever increasing perpetuation of treatment upon treatment with no end in sight or cure. It soon becomes chronic medication with a growing list of more ailments. I am sure you will agree, this is not a good place to be.


So how do we end this?


By taking a good look at ourselves, our souls and what makes us tick. Most people don’t like to do this, as it could become a very painful and long journey of self-discovery and realisation. It takes hard work and commitment to work on ourselves and let down our armour. To expose ourselves.  For me, the best cure for internalised stress, repressed emotions and the physical manifestations of pain that result from these, is to make lifestyle changes. Confront the cause and make concerted efforts to change.


So how can I help you to do this?


I believe that emotions are held or stored in the deep tissue of our bodies. If you release these blockages by physical manipulation, in other words, rebalancing massage, it may well lead you to reaching a point of self-enquiry and hence set you on a journey of discovery and inner change.


To help with your journey, exercise will give you purpose and focus. Endorphins will saturate you with feel good hormones which will help you find the strength to make the necessary changes.


A healthy eating plan that feeds you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to support your endocrine system will keep your energy up and keep you on top of your game. Vitamin B, D, C and omega is vital. Processed, junk food and sugar are absolute NO NO’s.


We owe it to ourselves to live a true and authentic life. We owe it to ourselves to not be debilitated with illness, pain and suffering because of a stressful lifestyle.  Practice becoming ‘Courageously Vulnerable’. In other words, bravely face your insecurities, stress and anxiety, expose them, if only to yourself and then deal with them.


So those are my words of wisdom for this month and as you know, I usually speak from my own life experiences.


As I discussed last month, I will be closing my practice at the end of December. I will still be available in January and February for mobile massage and training will continue as normal.

Some of you have expressed an interest in continuing with massage and training after I have moved to Hermanus and I will be happy to do this on a monthly or possibly 2 weekly basis as long as when I come through I have enough sessions for the day to make the trip beneficial for all concerned. Please let me know by return mail as to who would like to be a part of this. Oh, and if I end up having to stay for the night, who is going to put me up? J.


I remain at your disposal, even if only from a distance.


I remain yours in health and wellness!

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